1855 Capital and Maumee Ventures Announce Investment in Phospholutions

1855 Capital is excited to welcome our newest portfolio company, Phospholutions, to the 1855 Capital family!  We have been working with Phospholutions for a while to put together a great deal and were very excited that Maumee Ventures, the venture capital subsidiary of The Andersons, Inc. (Nasdaq: ANDE), invested alongside 1855 Capital.

Phospholutions products help reduce phosphorous runoff from golf courses, farm fields, and waste water treatment facilities.  Phosphorous runoff is a primary contributor to algal blooms which endanger aquatic life.  Phospholutions’ technology keeps phosphorous close to the roots of plants and out of our waterways promoting healthier plants and marine life.

Here is what we (1855 Capital) and Phospholutions have to say about this investment:

“We are thrilled to have the opportunity to support Hunter and the Phospholutions business.  We are especially pleased that we have had the opportunity to work with Maumee Ventures and further our mission to bring nationwide industry support into the local start-up community.” -Matt Rhodes, Managing Director, 1855 Capital

“We were fortunate to have 1855 Capital lead the investment round, as their in depth due diligence and guidance provided the confidence for additional firms outside of Central Pennsylvania to participate in the round”  -Hunter Swisher, CEO, Phospholutions

You can read the full press release announcing 1855 Capital’s investment in Phospholutions here.


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