1855 Capital Angel Syndicate

About the 1855 Capital Angel Syndicate

1855 Capital is a State College-based venture investment firm that identifies high return investment opportunities and invests directly from its Limited Partnership, 1855 Capital Fund I.  We create value in a deal when we expose great opportunities in the Penn State community to a broader audience.  As a result, we seldom, if ever, are the sole investor on any deal, and typically syndicate the investment with other investors to bring financial breadth and strength to our portfolio companies. 

To further our mission of broadening the investor base engaged with the Penn State community, we have created the 1855 Capital AngelList syndicate.  The AngelList syndication process makes investments more accessible by lowering the bar to a minimum $1000 commitment on any individual deal.  

We expect to make 2 to 3 deals available to our AngelList syndicate each year and will be launching our first deal in July 2020.  

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About AngelList

AngelList is a site where investments can be made in technology startups and funds through a variety of AngelList investment products. One of those products is Syndicates.

Investors on AngelList must be accredited.

Investors self-report their accreditation status during sign up. Access to deal-by-deal investing also requires evidence of sophistication. We expect that investors participating in AngelList Syndicates have made two or more direct investments in technology startups known to the AngelList community.

AngelList reviews investor applications within 3 business days.

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What is an AngelList Syndicate?

Syndicates are single-deal VC funds that let you invest deal-by-deal in specific startups.  The syndicate forms a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) to make that single investment.  For the 1855 Capital syndicate, 1855 acts as the general partners sourcing the investments, conducting due diligence, and securing allocations.

When 1855 Capital approves your request to join its Syndicate, you gain access to their current and future deal flow and can pick investments on a deal-by-deal basis. Syndicate leads share details on the opportunity with syndicate investors, and investors sign documents online and fund investments via ACH or wire.

The minimum investment size is between $1K and $10K per deal.


Deals in the syndicate are only visible to those in the fund, such as founders/leads, and other investors who are invited into the fund. Leads can decide what information is accessible to investors, or limit information to only those investors who are under NDA.

To become an accredited investor, you must apply through AngelList and become approved. Once you are accredited, you can join the 1855 Capital Syndicate.

Once you have been accredited onto the AngelList platform, you can join the 1855 Capital Syndicate and get private access to the 1855 Capital presented deals.

Focused on the Penn State Community

Our offices are located in State College, PA, which allows us to stay closely connected to University Park’s innovation ecosystem as well as the research and start-up activity across Penn State’s 19 Commonwealth Campuses.

We expect that many of our investments will emerge from the central Pennsylvania region, especially from transformative research at Penn State’s University Park campus and significant human health and treatment breakthroughs at the Penn State Milton S. Hershey Medical Center.  

Our mission, however, is to be an early capital source for all Penn State-related startups, and we identify and work with teams at Penn State campuses across the Commonwealth. That being said, we do emphasize the central Pennsylvania campuses at:

  • Harrisburg
  • York
  • Mont Alto
  • Dubois
  • Erie
  • Altoona

All these areas are underserved by capital sources from Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and Lehigh Valley, and can especially benefit from our close working relationship with Ben Franklin Technology Partners of Central Pennsylvania.

Target Investments

We look for companies that:

  • Have an identifiable core technological competency.
  • Can compete effectively in the marketplace.
  • Have a business model and management team that are both scalable.
  • Have a well-articulated business plan that delivers a value-increasing milestone on $100K to $500K investment.
  • Have quality cross-functional teams who agile and committed to long-term success.

Though we expect to be early or even the first equity investors in a team, we are interested in being a co-investor with other early stage venture funds.

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