Reflexion’s Edge, a 2X6 foot LED touchscreen device, gamifies cognitive testing in athletes. Edge improves core athletic skills, tracks athlete’s progress, and is a competitive and fun way to determine brain health over an athletic season.

Edge incentives athletes to care more about their brain health. Through periodic testing and training, individuals sharpen their ability to make quick decisions and improve reaction time, peripheral vision, hand-eye coordination, and pattern recognition.

In the event of an injury, Edge helps athletic trainers and doctors evaluate different stages in the recovery process to understand key changes in cognitive function and then rehabilitate the vestibular and oculamotor system. This allows the athlete to return back to the sport they love sooner.


Penn State Connection

After sustaining a severe concussion during an ice hockey game, Matt Roda partnered with his friend Matt Campagna with the mission of starting a company to improve sports safety and athletic performance. Only a few weeks after Reflexion was founded, Campagna and Roda were off to college.  Campagna went to Case Western Reserve University, while Roda attended Penn State Schreyer. Despite being busy with course work, the two remained committed to Reflexion. Roda majored Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, and leveraged the entrepreneurial resources provided by Penn State to build the business while in school.