Pledge It was founded on the belief that sports can be a powerful force for positive community and social impact. We empower our community of teams, athletes and fitness enthusiasts to make a difference by raising money for needs and causes that are meaningful to them. We provide a sports crowdfunding platform that empowers athletes to raise money based on their performance. Our do-it-yourself platform makes it easy to raise money with every touchdown, home run, or goal scored. We help teams and athletes raise the money they need while playing the game they love and we do it for FREE!
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Penn State Connection

When Scott (Pledge It’s founder) was playing football at Penn State, he learned that his father had been diagnosed with a rare disease and that nothing could be done. The team rallied around an idea they had to hold a summer lifting competition known as the “Lift For Life” as a way to attract fans and media so they could share their story. In the first 15 months, they raised over $50,000 for rare disease research. Scott knew that he had the start of a powerful platform, and it was just a matter of time before he would have the chance to create a solution that helped harness the power sports for good.

Pledge It was officially started when Devon Still of the Cincinnati Bengals (and Scott’s friend) learned that his daughter Leah had been diagnosed with cancer, he turned to Scott to help him create the campaign to “Sack Cancer” during the 2014 NFL Season. Sack Cancer was the first campaign and many more have since followed.  Pledge It’s origin story is rooted at Penn State, but its impact is much, much larger.