Data is the new currency of growth in today’s digitized corporate world. Companies face the issue of both access to quality data, as well as how to make sense of the magnitude of data they already have access to. Enter Daasity, which was created with a single purpose: To unleash the benefits of proper data management and data analysis for companies of any size. Daasity is comprised of a team of digital commerce and consumer experience experts. Daasity’s team comprises executives who held analytic leadership roles for large E-Commerce brands, driving consistent, profitable growth by guiding decision making across the entire organization.  They have used data to create more efficient supply chains, and can know what data merchandise and product departments should be looking at to decide what the next big seller is.


Penn State Connection

Daasity came to 1855 Capital’s attention when Paul Voois, Managing Director of the Cove Fund at UCI contacted Matt Rhodes to note that the Cove Fund was evaluating a deal lead by Penn State graduate Dan LeBlanc. Dan is a 1999 graduate of Penn State with a Master’s in Aerospace engineering. That education gave him direct exposure to “big data” and his career since graduation has been as a data scientist and data analytics consultant. That experience guided him to build Daasity, a data analytics platform that can bring insight to the Direct-to-Consumer online organization and accelerate their growth.

The Cove Fund holds a special connection to 1855 Capital as it was formed several years before 1855 Capital and established a model “University Affinity Fund” that informed the design of 1855 Capital. Paul Voois, by the way, is also a Penn State alumni and an LP in 1855 Capital. After digging in and diligencing the deal we were able to syndicate with the Cove Fund behind the lead of Southern California based Okapi Ventures.