Bliley Technologies is an Erie, PA based designer and manufacturer of highly accurate crystal oscillators.  Crystal oscillators resonate when a voltage is applied to create a clock signal that forms the “beating heart” of almost every electronics device including computers, cell phones, network equipment, etc. Bliley has operated at the very high-end of this market for many years selling “Oven-Controlled Crystal Oscillators” (OCXOs) which are 1000x more accurate than a typically crystal and sell for more than 1000x the price into applications such a space-based communication, and other high-end telecommunication, position and tracking applications.    

Bliley currently supplies custom crystals that creates the beacon frequency of every FAA registered airport in the United States and also supplies the crystals that keeps the New Horizons space probe in communication with earth from outside the solar system at its current outpost in the Kuiper Belt.


Penn State Connection

Ralph Ford, the Chancellor of the Penn State Erie, The Behrend College, is a current board member of Bliley.   Dr. Ford introduced 1855 Capital to Bliley and through that introduction we learned that Bliley is high technology icon of the Penn State Behrend community.