Arbitrator Intelligence has developed a database of global arbitrators’ decisions, practices, and analytics, designed to enable clients to make informed arbitrator selection and case strategy decisions using its proprietary Arbitrator Intelligence Questionnaire (AIQ). Judicial analytics are already widely available and used at a national level, but Arbitrator Intelligence is the first to develop these tools for international arbitration. The proceedings and awards of international arbitration cases are non-public, but Arbitration Intelligence’s (AIQ) gives access to information about the arbitrator’s process without compromising confidentiality. Arbitrator Intelligence then uses this data to generate reports relevant to each of its clients’ specific situation and needs.

Arbitrator Intelligence's

Penn State Connection

Arbitrator Intelligence founder and world arbitration expert Katherine Rogers has been a Professor of Law at Penn State since 2008. Rogers compiled a database of information on arbitrators and their practices while researching fairness in international arbitration at the university, and saw an opportunity to create greater transparency in the field by making the database available to the public.